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Make your home more SUSTAINABLE with Residential Solar.

Are you a builder or building a new home?

Australian Solar And Energy Solutions are expert in equipping your new build with all essential requirements

Various advantages for considering solar at building stage


Plan your roof to optimise energy production and increase your self sufficiency

We at ASAES can advise minor alterations on the placement of any roof objects like tv antennas, plumbing fixtures, cooling units, hot water panels etc. This will maximise full roof potential to have more solar panels on your roof, intern more energy production and saves you more money.


Future proof ur house (All electric ready)

While designing the complete PV system all future proofing including component compatibility and technological advancements are kept in mind so that u do not have to regret it later. Sometimes it is almost impossible to do the wiring once the house is completed on any location of choice due to certain rules, rules, limitations and regulations in place but can be easily done at building stage. Batteries and EV’s are going to be popular overtime so we plan the upgrades now.Also switchboard upgrades are prominent with few extra spaces for future gadgets including EV charging infrastructure.


Reduce the number of retrofit installation works -do it right the first time

Post handover installations are often difficult, time consuming and not aesthetically pleasing. Running conduits all over the place on interior and exterior walls will cost a lot more and can easily get corroded or susceptible to more damage, hence requires more touch ups overtime, increases maintenance costs and less lifetime.


Better aesthetic appearance hence more market value

All locations of interest are identified and metal conduits etc are pre-installed to have good visual appeal post installation .During the entire build process, by means of better planning and concealed wiring where possible we can increase the street appeal of your home that returns more value for your investment and also looks great.


Utilise on site safety equipment for safer and often more cost effective install

While the home is under construction all the work safe equipment like scaffoldings, edge protection is already installed and can be utilised to install the panels safely at your property. Post handover this will be an added cost to the owner as all the equipment required for safe installation is rented again, so its great way to save more money.

Whole of House energy assessment for your new property

What is the estimated power consumption for your new house? Its hard to take a rough guesstimate but with our 14 year plus energy experience we can easily forecast and give you a very clear idea how much it is going to be by carefully looking at the capacity, power & energy rating of the appliances being installed. Moreover we will also provide your advice on selecting the right appliances which is often handy when old age tradition appliances are not uncommon even in 2022. Your full roof potential is conveyed to you after carefully reviewing your builder drawings so that we can determine the solar capacity required to offset your forecasted consumption. Return on investment calculations are also discussed.

All these questions running through your mind w.r.t available federal and state subsidies aka rebates are answered and tailored advice is provided while we calculate the amount of sunshine that can be captured on your roof depending on the ordination of your block and avoiding as much shade as possible.As we know that every individual household has different consumption levels due to variable thermal comfort and lifestyle, one answer is often not applicable, hence proper consultation is required to reach a consensus.

What’s next?

We at ASAES , will require your building drawings & energy rating report to work with and present you with a 3D Design using our latest aerial & satellite imagery with our simulation software. Quite often two or more designs are presented with a provision to add DC coupled battery storage and EV charger integration. 
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