Installation Process

Our Solar installation process



One of our professional Solar Consultants will come to meet you and all decision makers at home and evaluate the past 12 months of your utility usage, taking into consideration your reasons for going solar, and they will provide you with an estimate on a custom designed system to suit your family’s electricity needs.



Your professional Solar Consultant, in conjunction with our expert team, will help you find the best rebate(s) to suit your need. We will help you to check the eligibility criteria for Victorian and/or Federal Govt rebate if it’s still available and you are qualified for the program. You may need to provide additional information to our staff and/or company.




In this step, we will send one of our highly trained and CEC Accredited designer to your home for an in depth Site Inspection of your property, roof, and service panel to design your custom Solar System. A shade analysis will be done to determine accurate production for your custom Solar System as well. Ground mounts, top roof mounts, main service panel upgrades, roofing, pool solar relocation/removal, and any other extras can cause a longer time frame in the design and installation process.



Our Design Engineer (Clean Energy Council Accredited /Engineers Australia Certified.) will design specific plans for the layout of your custom Solar System. It is our preference that these plans are approved by our clients before submitting to the distributor for all required permits. This initiates the Interconnection process to the grid. This is the time to submit the application and plans for approval. Permitting can take up to 2 30 days in certain cities, and regions depending on your location and distributor.




Once all necessary documents have been signed, additional work is completed ( if required to be completed by you such as roofing, tree trimming, relocating antenna, relocating plumbing fixtures etc.) and the official distributor permit has been secured we will call to schedule installation. The installation of your custom designed Solar System is typically installed within 24 to 72 hours by CEC Accredited Installer. This installation process consists of installing mounting brackets and railing to secure your Solar System in place, installing the proper wiring and conduit which will transfer your solar energy to your inverter, installation of your solar panels/inverter and make all necessary wiring connections. Any additional upgrades and sight complexities can extend the length of the Installation due to the circumstances beyond our control.



We will schedule all required final inspections to be done by your state and/or current utility company. Final inspections by the state (Energy Safe Victoria) and utility companies are out of our control in regard to scheduling. It may take a few weeks to get all of this completed. Once the Inspections are approved, after we receive the CES from the ESV inspector , we request the interconnection with your current utility company within 1-2 weeks. You may need to initiate/approve /authorize this process via e mail or phone.Once you speak to your retailer ,the process of re-configuration of your energy meter starts as the retailer will generate a work order directing local distributor to re-program the meter .This can take 2-6 weeks depending on your selected retailer and the local distribution company and is not under our control.




Once the reconfiguration is completed by your local distributor you will receive a SMS and/or letter which will enable you to earn credits on your system for exporting extra energy to the grid. This will be reflected on your bill as FEED IN TARRIF (FIT). Please note that in net metering only the excess production (export) is reflected on the bill as credit as the grid meter cannot reflect the energy consumed directly from the solar system.

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